You wouldn't have found it if I hadn't thrown it out the car

Hi there!
Hope you had a good day. Mine's been fine so far. Just a bit tired in my head, but coming home always makes me happy! Tiger Busig jumping up and down, telling me nice stories about the events of the day. And husband of course - bringing me a nice cup of coffee, asking how my day was. I'm happy!

What's up for tonight? Hm ... Think I'm gonna tugg in very early. I have the monthly mess, and at my age, it's bloody like
H@#ll :P
Maybe c(h)at with Tiger and read a little .... Btw - something's odd going on with my Daily war, wailing and complaint! On Saturday I didn't get any paper. Sunday I got the both Sunday's and Saturday's edition. Today I didn't get any paper ... Will I receive Monday's news (which actually are the Sunday news) tomorrow, Tuesday? I wonder ...... ???

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