You used to make fun of the Runway girls, now you're one of them

Good Morning!
How are you today? - I'm good - thank you for asking.

Had a very pleasant evening with Jaana last night. Fell in love with her doll cat and her french bulldog (at least I think it's a French Bulldog) ..... If you ever wanna move to another home, my door is open for you .......
Woke up 15 minutes ago. The sun't shining but it's still cold and windy. I long for spring! The colours, the flowers, the smells and the sounds. Spring is wonderful dressed in light green.
What to do today? - Maybe go for a chat over a cup of coffee with Maria .... Bake a cake, play with Tiger and of course the choir contest tonight. Looking forward to that. Husband is visiting some friends tonight to watch a football match on the telly. I don't pay much attention to men running after a ball. Think it's boring
Right now I need to catch up with Emily's where abouts and the newspaper (before Tiger manages to tear it apart).
Catch you later!

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