You, flock of seagulls, you know why we're here?

Hi there,
It's me again!
How's your evening?
Having fun?
I'm resting, reading, playing with Tiger and making myself comfortable, eating delicious ice-cream and canned peaches. Nams!

Tiger is so playfull this evening. He gets very eager and when that happens, he screams with a baby's voice. I haven't received any complaints from neighbours or Child Protection yet.......... :P
Anyway - I've decided to buy another cat. Tiger needs a little friend to play with. Just need to get him get him neutered, otherwise I think he will be too dominant and scare off the new kitten. I want another Bengal. I like their mood. They like company and have good personality.

Emily has a Bengal as well - and another cat of indeterminate breed. Mitzi and Neija. They're sooooo sweet! I love them! They are of course everywhere, but Hey! Why not? Our cats are our babies, aren't they!?!

Here they are, the 2 irresistable dolls

Catch you later!

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