When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look but it was gone, I cannot put my finger on it now, the child is grown, the dream is gone

Good morning!


Slept a bit better than the night before yesterday. Tiger usually wakes me up around 3-4 am, crawling around on me, purring in my ears, begging for a pre-breakfast snack. So I get out of my bed and give him what he wants. I know - I'm crazy. He thinks he's brilliant, because he gets an extra meal - and the chance for a little c(h)at-chat during his most lively hour. I think it's slightly annoying, cause my supposed-to-be-alive hours are after 6 am.

Anyway - The night before yesterday, he woke me up at 1.30 - mainly because a f#&!ing diesel locomotive was idling less than 200 meters from our building. I then did the ultimate no-no when I went out for a smoke. That costed me 2 hours sleep.

But last night I kept cool and managed to get an almost full night sleep.

Here he is, the little sinner, when he was still just a skinny kitten. Not perfect, but always curious

And now over to the challenge of the day - My best friend. I don't really have a best friend. I have a lot of acquaintances and good colleagues that sort of are my friends. Though the type of friend with whom you can share everything - even your most inner thoughts? - I wouldn't say that I have any such friend. The closest I get to that sort of friendship is the relationship I have with Emily. She is my daughter, so naturally there are a couple of subjects that I would never drag her into. But she and I share a lot of equal opinions, values and thoughts, and I love discussing my favorite topics with her. She has great spirit and a good, good .

Take care for now!
Catch up with you later