We light a candle on an earth we made into hell and pretend that we're in heaven

Hey there!

Sometimes Tiger gets impatient with me. He wants to cuddle and I want to write. Last night he crawled around on my desk. I shot a coupple of pics. His curiosity makes him check everything. He's the sunshine of the day. Always happy. Always playfull and cheerfull. Tender and sweet.

The challenge of today is My faith.

I could make it easy for myself and say that I don't have any faith. But that's not quite true. I don't believe in God - my faith is more earthly. However, since the moon has such an influence on me, I cannot say I don't believe in supernatural forces. My faith just don't come in the shape of a Messiah.

Watched the news from Japan this morning. I believe that energy from nuclear power is a safe energy source - as long as you don't build a power plant on a place that has a reputation for damaging earthquakes. I remember Chernobyl ..... I pray that the Japanese have more control than the Russians had, but seriously! - A nuclear meltdown is a dissaster - not only for Japan - but for the Planet Earth. It wil have an impact on nature in many, many years ahead. We human beings are superior in our ability to destroy our own existence.

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