We just hit it off so great because we both love the same thing and that is ... Me

Good Morning!
I hope you enjoyed your Saturday night!
Been up for a coupple of hours, but just had to watch 'Downtown Abbey' before doing anything else. Love that series. Maggie Smith is one of the characters, so you can imagine ..... Also needed to go through Emily's paper which she has to deliver today. And eat breakfast of course: 3 slices of homebaked bread filled with chocolate, cinnamon, apples, orange and raisins. Nam, nam, nam. A glas of blueberry soup and a nice cup of coffee makes my day :D
I slept in the guestroom, because husband had a little too much of the J&D yesterday .... His snoring kept me awake, so at 2 am I gave up, took my blanket and my pillow and went to sleep in the other room xD
Seems to be a rather cold day, so I think I will just stay indoors and concentrate on blogging, reading and cosy-ing xD

Catch you later!

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