Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?

When updating blogposts, the hardest part is to select the title. If you're an extremely creative person, you might be able to shake out poems of your sleeve around the clock. I'm not that clever :P 
I admit it. I'm a copycat. I 'borrow' from those whose thoughts came faster than mine. I've got some favorites. Guess who they are and we'll see how clever YOU are xP

Blogging or updating your status on fb is not about having a superior intellect. It's about finding something that you can relate to - something that tells something about you. I read many blogs and a lot of fb status updates every day. I like when the 'owner' has something personal to say. It's irrelevant what we - the readers - would like to hear and see.
Sometimes I get the feeling that we only appreciate people for what they are, not for who they are. That's sad. My favorite fb button is 'I Like'. People laugh at me and make comments to the fact that "you'll always get a 'like' from Charlotte". But hey! Pressing the 'I like' button is my way of telling you, that I read what you had to say, and that I appreciate the time you spent sharing it with us.

Finally - and I promise you - these are the last words you're gonna hear from me today - I'd like to mention my favorite blog http://syntheticdarkness.blogg.se/, written by Emily. It's such a good example of a blog where the owner shares just about everything going on in her life and her mind with her readers, in words and pictures.

Oh, sorry - one more word:
Good night xD