They flutter behind you, your possible pasts - some brighteyed and crazy, some frightened and lost

A very early Good morning to you

Hope you slept well!

Perhaps you wonder why the heck I'm using a madly borring picture of someone from the opposite sex all of a sudden. Well! I'm attending a happening called 'Assimilate Søren Pind'. Mr. Pind is the new Danish Minister of Integration, but his statements are so populistic that his appointment is a disgrace. He "does not want to hear about integration - only about assimilation". Attending the happening requires removal of one's own profile picture in exchange for a picture of Mr. Pind. - There are a lot of Mr. Pind clones on FB at the moment :P - Allthough I have to admit - being in this disguise doesn't exactly make me a feelgood .....

Anyway... it's late night - or early morning. I'm on my own. The house is so quite now. I enjoy that. The only sounds are the sounds from my fingers tapping the keyboard, writing this post.

Tiger Busig is sleeping in his favorite chair. I'm sipping tea - Russian. Though not the black one that I prefer ....... the blue one..... Russian blue.... Isn't that a cat btw? I think it is. Gotta google the answer.

I was right... Russian blue is a beautiful cat

I love cats. But I guess you figured that out by now :P

Writing was temporarily postponed for an hour while talking to Jaana. The cat misplaced her phone. Not joking!

If you want to watch TV at this time of night, you can choose between some C-movie in the action category, or 5 different porn channels. I never quite understood that concept. Can anyone explain it to me?

Catch up with you later

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