That's the Marilyn Monroe section that's Mamie Van Doren... I don't see Jayne Mansfield, she must have the night off or something

Hi there,
Sorry for the missing updates today. I've been sort of busy. But! Home from work now. Long day!

I live just a short walk from my work, so every morning I return to reality on foot. At nighttime it's still pretty cold here (minus 10- minus 12 degrees), but at daytime, temperatures raise to plus degrees. Naturally ice melts in the plus degree process, then freezes again etc. Unfortunately nobody cares about removing the dangerous ice from the sidewalks, so it is a miracle that I've managed to survive the winter untill now without breaking anything. The maintance is non-existing, which is strange, because the way I see it, I might be a silly pedestrian, but I do pay tax - and as far as I know, I pay the samme percentage as any car-owner. But obviously those responsible for maintaing our sidewalks never walk, how else can I explain their indifference to the physical health of those who do not have a car!?!

Catch up with you later!

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