Takes a lot for a woman to bake a cake these days. You must be fitter than you look

Good Evening!

Had a wonderful day so far! Been testing my new bake machine, and it was soooo handy! I swear I shall never buy bread again. From now on, I will bake everything in this machine!
You just throw in everything needed for the bread, the cake or whatever, and the machine fixes a nice and handy dough for you. All you have to do is stuff it into the oven - and sim-sa-la-bim - you're done!

Tonight I will watch 'Lewis' and the pop choir contest 'Körslaget! - mainly because some of those attending in one of the choirs are local boys and girls. I'm sure it will be fun. We're also gonna enjoyr our evening with some B&J

Catch you later!

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