Reality has absolutely no place in our world

Just this, and I promise you, I will shut up (for now) :P
One of my few icons is Marlene Dietrich. To me, she's the synonym of elegance and style. She is also a symbol of a time, where women were allowed to have a face expressing personality. When men conqoured the fashion world and started to set the rules, women was reduced into hangers on a clothing rack - to zombies. If you've seen one model, you've seen them all. They all look the same (with 1 or 2 exceptions). Tall, slim, no hips, no breasts with faces you can model. Karl Lagerfeld who I absolutely despice, said it publicly: "Women are hangers for my designs". The truth is, that without women, K.L. would never have made his trip to fame. Basicly because his achivements are limited to drawing some sketches. The REAL work is made by an army of women. The sewing, the showing, the making of his fantasies. - Without the women - he would be a big, round zero.
Marlene Dietrich worshipped elegance. She might not have been the greatest actor, or the greatest singer on Earth. But she was a true expression of elegance.

Sleep well!

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