Out of touch in a modern world

Good evening!

Hope you enjoyed the day.

I had a wonderful day with Emily and her sweet cats, Mitzi and Neija. Listened to music (Chickenfoot, Christina Aguilera and another awesome girl - think her name is Elise - with no record company behind her, despite the fact that she can sing - I mean Beyoncé (my favorite hating object) cannot sing 'If I was a boy' - but this girl!?! WOW!!!!).

Dinner tonight was meatballs in a pan with vegetables and potatoes - you know one of these frozen dinners you just throw in a frying pan and 10 minutes later you have a reasonably good meal - if you add a little ketchup. It's Saturday night right! :P

Now time for some delicious rhubarb ice cream and apricot.

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