Out of order is no good to anyone. Out of step is much better. That way you tread on the bits the other people miss

Good Evening!
Hope you've had a pleasant day!
I didn't!
But nevermind!
It's Monday and it's over and tomorrow is a new day in a different light.

It's been a beautiful day with sun and spring in the air. 8 plus plus, and the snow is melting fast now, dripping from roofs and balconys. So lovely. Makes me able to breath again. I hope the white season is about to leave for good.

Now it's pitch dark outside. The stars are up, blinking to me. I can see Big Dipper right outside my bedroom window, telling me tales from ancient times ............

I'm gonna get myself a little snack from the freezer called Ben & Jerry and relax the rest of this day. - And No - I'm not out of order today - just a little out of step :P

Sleep well! - And Good Morning to those of you who just did ...!

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