Look at that. It's either blood or he's a messy eater

Hi there! - It's me again :P

Is there anything as wonderful as a Saturday morning filled with newspapers, solid breakfast and an affectionate Tiger!?! - No! This really is another moment.
What's my definition of solid breakfast? - Easy: Coffee, blueberry soup, orange juice, bread, dark chocolate, a cake or 2 and some fresh fruit. I'm a continental girl.

Following the development in the Libyan affair and the latest from Japan. I also studied the local newspaper. Alas I can conclude, that they didn't follow my call to digg into the miserable snow grubbing situation in this town. I'm seriously thinking of terminating my subscribtion. I mean - if they don't care what their readers would like to read about, and just keep this politically correct attitude, I think they can take a swim in their own lake and I'll stick to mine.

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