In the long run we're all dead

A very Good Afternoon to you!

What a shining day it is! Sat on the balcony for half an hour, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, digesting my daily dosis of columns from around the world. So calm and peaceful outside......

Did you read Richard Swartz' column in D.N. today? If not - you should http://www.dn.se/ledare/kolumner/var-tids-religion.
"My old mechanical typewriter I could repair. Or bend the typebars correctly again whenever they crossed. In case my computer chrashes, I'm as helpless as perhaps the staff who now risk their lives in Fukushima."
He has a point when asking how we can let our lives depend on someone pressing the right button at the right moment.
Charles Darwin concluded, that in the long run, nothing that's against Nature will consist. That's not just a theory ......

Catch you later!

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