I went to London once, to see the Queen. She was a bit smaller than I imagined, but as we both know size isn't everything

A very good Saturday morning to you!
I hope you enjoyed your Friday night.
Couldn't quite decide whether to sleep in the bed, or simply lay down on the couch. I ended up with the bed choice. More comfortable, and anyway falling asleep in front of Telly isn't my style. I leave that to the men.
Tiger was on his alert already at 5, so I went up to feed him, and went back to bed again :P 
Now I can see that we've had a ton snow again. I'm getting a bit tired of this. I want spring - and spring is not white - spring is green!

Catch you later!

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cieldequimper said...

Depends for who: some men can't handle their height. The French president for instance wears special shoes...