I tell you what gets right up my nose and that is people who go and live in America and after ten minutes end up talkin' like Katharine flippin' Hepburn

Hey there,
How's it going?
- I'm good! Thank you for asking. ...
What to think about the Libyan affair? - I'm against war. I'm also againt dictatorship and repression of people and their free right to elect their leaders through democratic elections. - But still - Noone can win a war. There will always be people dying in vain. It costs tons of money. And actually: The problem Gadaffi was created by ourselves. We have tolerated him for more than 40 years because of our need for access to oil. Like the rest of the dictators who we have kept and are keeping in power.
Someone surgested that we should lay down the world and start from scratch zero. ..... There's a thought.

I'm preparing for some delicious chocolate croissants a lá me .... Picture available soon - I hope xP
Will catch you later!

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