I love the smell of Cinnamon Apple in the morning. It smells like victory

Spoke to Vickie just now. Poor little girl is sick. Sending her my best wishes, hoping for her recovery asap!

Celebrity weekend for Emily! Think it's great fun for her. She's seen the play of course, and says it's very entertaining. And mingled with the actors. - I don't think I've ever met anyone famous actually - except for members of the Royal Danish family who I've served multiple times. And a number of rock'stars' of course. Never got a chance to speak to them though. - Or maybe I don't care whether people are actually famous or not. Wouldn't be able to recognize them anyway .... People has a tendency of looking quite different when the spotlights are out, don't you think?

Organizing and copying some photos that I lost when one of my personal computers crashed a coupple of moths ago. However I got them back, because my dear colleague, Kim I, fixed my pc and managed to save some of the stuff from my harddesk. It's nice with people around you who knows how to :D

Lewis just started. Shall watch while waiting for Emily to send me her manus to go through. - Just showing one of the shots that's been recovered. Love the smell :D

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