I can't believe the way you do business out here. I can't believe how fucked-up your organization is

Hi there! - It's me buzzing again ....

My baby girl has joined the magical iPhone world ... wiiii .... Emily is such a different girl. Yesterday night she chatted me on FB, asking if I thought she would be irresponsible if buying an iPhone. She already made a budget and a calculation in her head how much money she would be able to afford to spend on this ... I mean, an irresponsible person wouldn't have asked her mom in the first place. She is highly responsible in everything she does. And I told her that. I think we often forget to express our appreciation of our near and dear's good qualities. We simply take it for granted that they know what we think. But they don't. We must make sure to tell them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have been invited for dinner at Emily's and Fredrik's tomorrow night. They live appr 120 kilometres from here, so I'll be off directly after work. I look so much forward to see them again. Haven't seen Fredrik for a long time, because he's touring. But he has a coupple of days off, before leaving again on Friday. I've made a small surprise for them that I know they will appreciate xD
Finishing this post with a picture of my baby girl (borrowed from her blog

Have a Good Night