Florals? For spring? Ground breaking

Hi again!
Preparing myself for a cosy evening with Jaana. She redecorated her appartment completely. Looking forward to see the result. Feeling slightly dizzy in my head due to the anesthetic I got at the dentist earlier today, but I'm good and don't have any pains as far as I am able to feel.
Anyway - make-up's on and hair's done. Not wearing anything particular smart though - just jeans and a very old t-shirt that I fancy. Trinny and Susannah would die to style me :D

Since I don't have any specific style, I just go for what I like and feel comfortable with. At my age, it looks silly if you blonde the hair and wear clothes made for teenagers. On the other hand, I'm not interested in looking like a grandma. I don't dye my hair anylonger. I keep it grey. Though it's not really grey, it's ash blond. I'm quite proud of my hair and the colour of it. I use quite a lot of make-up - but never black eyeliner. You know why? Because as you get older, you get small wrinkels on the eye lid and around it. Black eyeliner is like blonding the hair: It makes you look older than you are and harsher. So I go for light eyeline colours to highlight my eye colour which is strong baby blue.

I use foundation, mascara, I dye my eyebrows, I use lipstick and rouge and when going out even eyeshadow and nail-polish. My favorite nail-polish is Dior deep red. Thick and very beautiful colour. It's worth every single dime.

Soon I'll be off!

Catch you later ....

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