Find me that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning

Good Morning - or perhaps a Good Day is more proper at this time of day ......?
I hope you slept well. At least I did. Was up at 4 as always, but fortunately I have no problems going back to sleep again. Slept to 8 and after a loooong warm shower, I'm at the point where I could say "I'm awake".
So what's happening today? I'd tell you what's happening: The dentist! Don't like the thought, so let's go to next happening: Visit at Jaana's tonight for chat and wine. Looking forward to that.
Just ordered a delivery for my dad's birthday on Sunday (76th that is). Wine and chocolate confirmed. Baking bread this afternoon and c(h)at with Tiger, who still hasn't been able to figured out why the funny machine I have here beside my desk can make so much noise and spit out paper all by itself :P Cat-logic is a mystery .....

Catch you later!

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