Did anyone ever tell you to picture the audience in their underwear? Well, don't do it. I did it once and I had nightmares for a week. Bulgarians in Speedos

Cannot wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a good day. Friday and new month. Supposed to be spring-month. I like April. Wonder if I should see all clients as April's fools tomorrow? Hm ... To be considered.

Listened to wonderful music - a concert with Carola. Those of you who aren't familiar with Carola is missing ... Hunger

Tiger is all over me - and on the printer again HAHA. He knows how to turn it on and off. Not sure I should tell you this, but I think it's funny watching him investigating things the way he does ... Uh, Tiger! That's cd's - Maybe you should just leave them xD - Yes and that's mommy's mouse. Not a cat-toy little man! Yes that's buttons. You see - try to write with your paws and see how that goes xD Wet puss!

I think 'Blogger' is a very good tool. The only thing that doesn't work for me is the phone blogging. I still don't have control which annoys me. I am a control freak - at least when it comes to things I have the ability to - control. Plan to spend some time during my precious weekend to get myself properly up and running with this tool as well.

Emily just reminded me of a must-see program on tv. To my understanding, it's about child pornography .... Disgusting! Not sure if I'm actually able to watch this till the end ......

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