Cat on a hot roof

Hello and a very Good Evening!
I hope you've had a good day. - Mine was fairly good, thank you! Tomorrow is my last day of this week, and tomorrow night I will be heading to Emily and Fredrik for dinner and cozy company.
There's been a bit of an emergency situation today while I was at work, and I'm happy that husband was here..... My beloved cat, Tiger, was having fun with a cardboard box. What I didn't realize was, that the polysterene plastic that was inside of the box, would be something a little cat would like to eat. When getting the stuff into his mouth, it started to expand and Tiger was choking of course. Fortunately husband came to his rescue in due time, and managed to perform life saving on the cat. Usch! What an unpleasant experience for the cat. I'm so greatful to husband, that he didn't panic and that Tiger is alive.
Let this be a lesson to me: Never let the cat play with plastic bags, and always check what's inside a cardboard box, and remove anything that can be dangerous to the cat.

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