And if your head explodes with dark forbodings too I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

Good afternoon!

I mentioned my thoughts about nuclear power in my post earlier today. Forgive me for following up on that track.

Reading the latest news from Japan, I believe that energy from nuclear power is a safe energy source - as long as you don't build a power plant on a place that has a reputation for destructive earthquakes.

I remember Chernobyl. April 26 1986 ... that's just 25 years ago.  The nuclear plant in Chernobyl, Ukraina was devestated by an explosion and a meltdown. Even though we live thousands of kilometers away, we suffered from the impacts of that accident  ..... A nuclear meltdown is a dissaster - not only for the surrounding areas - but for Planet Earth. It has an impact on nature for many, many years ahead. It impacts on our health, our childrens and our grand-childrens health and physical survival.

We human beings are superior in our ability to destroy our own existence.

This photo might not be tastefull, but it reminds me of the dangers of our excesses and our energy carelessness

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