Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really

Hi there! - It's me buzzing you again.
Nice weather! A bit windy and cold, but the sun's shining ... makes my day :P
Been through the Daily sighs and the Daily xD's .... wonder why I bother to read the news!?! Not much positive energy there .... War, Death, Wailing and Complaint in the majority of the headlines. Except that iPad2 is released today. I'd like to own one. It's on my list of future nice-to-have investments. Also want a Generation 4 iPhone ..... *sigh* .... Good things will come to those who wait.
Brother, http://crleth.blogspot.com/, has an iPad. It seems to be a really good tool and a great supplement to a laptop. Which btw is a no-no word. Do you know why? Because 'laptop' signals that you can sit with it in your lap. But you can't. Unless you want to get burned. Modern computers have lots of fancy features that requires a lot of power. But they also can get extremely warm .... So let's refer to the laptop as your personal computer - or your electronic notebook. I work for one of the biggest computer and printer manufactors in the world, so take my advice: Don't treat your pc as if it was your pet :P

Due to lack of the real thing, here's a picture of my nice-to-have wish

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