After a lifetime of living by my wits and on my memory, I shall give myself up full-time to the profession of forgetting

Absolutely true! It's me knocking on your door again!
How are you doing? - Hope you have a joyful evening in good company .... Me? Oh, I'm just making up for lost time. Work is nice, but MG - it is a time consumer! I really need a holiday a.s.a.p. But I guess I'll have to hold my breath another coupple of months. I have 1 very serious problem right now, and that is to keep husband away from Emily's blog the next days. She and Fredrik bought themselves a brand-new very high-tech tv, and I just know how husband can babble once he gets something into his head - like a new tv (๏̯͡๏) - and honestly - instead of throwing money after a tv, I think it's much better to invest in a dishwasher or a new dustbuster. In other words - important stuff for my well being is on the list over prefered and needed necessities :P

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