Once photography enters your bloodstream, it's like a disease

Happy Sunday!
I like the fact that we finally got back the extra hour that was taken from us back in March. I slept until 9 - but actually when calculating, I slept 1 extra hour, which feels great.
New day with new opportunities. I made some fresh bread this morning while watching Formula 1 from India. Did I mention that I always add raising and dark chocolate to my dough? It tastes so good. Unfortunately I might have to bake again later today, because husband likes it so much, he cannot stop eating :D

Anyway - the photo of today is from 2010. I visited a house that was an exact copy of a fisherman's house back in the 1940-ies and-50-ies. Very retro. I really like the kitchen. It's interesting when you consider that we nowadays wouldn't be able to cook anything without fancy, modern machines. ... not to mention the dishwasher! Who would survive without it?!? The stove is a semi-modern one though - but nevermind.


Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine

Hey! How are you?
It's really extradionary weather for the season. Still no sign of the snow, and apparently the fairly good weather will continue for the next couple of days. That makes an amateur photographers life so much easier, because I can go out and find motives, without having to put a lot of extra clothes on.
I took this picture yesterday in the late afternoon on my way home from work. I simply cannot resist the beauty of this tree and the lovely, pink sky.

Enjoy your evening!


When you have completed what you thought you had to do

Happy Sunday!
I hope you are enjoying as much as I do. Sundays are made for being lazy and relaxed. Yesterday I visited Emily and Fredrik. We had some cosy hours together, spending the time to talk, play with the cats, and Emily got her coaching moment with her mom, who's trying to figure out how to change the layout on my Danish langued blogg - making it a bit more like me. Sat up all evening fixing it, and I think it turned out quite okay. Though I'm still not fully satisfied, but will live with what I have at least this week.
We had cake - a yummi one filled with sweet cream and topped with fresh fruits and a chocolate bite.
Enjoy your Sunday!


Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice appears under your feet

A very good evening to you!
Days are getting shorter - and colder. Leaving the cosy home 7.30 am in the dark. Returning sometime after 6 pm in the dark. But even darkness offers opportunities to get some good photo shots.
This evening, while waiting for the freight train to pass, I got this shot

To me photographing is about being at the right place at the right time .... My shadow in the bottom of the picture proves that :P

Enjoy your evening!


A beautiful sight for sore eyes

Needs no further explanation. Just can't get enough of this beautiful sky


Photography helps people to see

Hope you're doing well.
I apologize for the lack of updates the last couple of days. Yesterday we celebrated husbands birthday, and I focused on giving him a good evening.
Found a book for him to read - Umberto Eco's 'Il cimitero di Praga'. I hope he will enjoy reading it. Apart from that, we had a nice dinner with some of his favorite dishes and warm, strong tea.
Yesterday the weather conditions were cold, rainy and windy. Today, just cold and windy. I really hope Captain Frost will stay off the premisses at least for the rest of this week, because Saturday, we'll be driving up North to visit Emily and Fredrik and celebrate husbands birthday together.

Here's a view over the lake with the blue mountains in the background.

Have a good evening!


A distant ship, smoke on the horizon

How are you doing on this bright, sunny Sunday?
Been out for a walk at the other side of the railway .... The area is condemned, but the lake nearby is a breathing hole in itself.

This used to be housing less fortunate people. Now only 1 or 2 people leave here. I think it's a pitty that no one wants to spend money on a restauration, because the building in itself is quite nice.
Tons of timber, waiting to be loaded and shipped off by railway

I enjoy these Sunday afternoon walks. There is a lot to see and the lake is a peaceful place. Sitting on a bench, enjoying the spectacular view is what I feel Sundays are made for.
Enjoy your day!


What shall we use to fill the empty spaces?

Hello and Good Saturday!
Hope you are enjoying the day.
This is my favorite day. Up at 10 and having a ball with the cats. Coffee and sloppy breakfast and no rush in the world. So nice to just live!
Received a package with my new overcoat and boots. Now I'm ready to meet Miss Winter!
Sunshine again today, making the trees shimmer and swim in beautiful colors.

The picture was taken yesterday morning on my way to work.
See how the grass is covered in ice and how the moon shines on a pink sky

I wish you a joyful day!


Just another brick in the wall

Happy Friday! I have been longing for this the whole week. Finally landed :D
I'm not gonna chit-chat too much today - just give you this wonderful early morning sight

Enjoy your evening!


But I set fire to the rain

Hey, hey!
Hope you're good and that life is treating you well.
This morning was so cold and frosty, and this evening it's windy and even colder. But Hey! I saw the beautiful moon on the sky this morning on its way down, and today I was prepared - iPhone in the hand, ready to shoot on everything offered :P And it isn't every day you get to see the moon 7:30 in the morning. It's in West - ready to dive :D

Enjoly your evening!


Favoritism ain't my thing

How are you?
So far the day has been pretty good. Left work early today due to a dentist appointment. Now home and safe and sound :P
Counted the steps this morning. Got to 650 - then I gave up. Will try again tomorrow and see hopw far I get :D
This time of year, leaves drops to the ground in all shapes and colors ... Love to walk around with my nose and eyes stuck to the ground, watching the changes.
I guess this picture was an accident .. However, I kinda like it

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out of the dark

Good evening!
How has your day been?
It's Monday - a day I would really like to be torn out of the calendar. However, I survived and am safely home with the kittens. Funny little creatures :D
There's a change in the weather from autumn to cold. This morning was only around plus 1 and my feet were freezing on my daily walk to work. I've decided to check out exactly how many steps this walk is, so tomorrow I'll try to count. I recogn I'm gonna land on around 2000 feet. If less, my feet will be real dissapointed :P
I don't know about you, but personally, I love the colors of the trees this time of the year. Below is a shot with my iPhone of a tree that I pass every day. It's actually several trees that has grown into each other. Interesting to see how they delvelope and become as one. Just like an old married couple.

Have a wonderful evening!


Take it as it comes and be thankful when it's done

Buzz, buzz! It's me again!
Are you good on this sleepy Sunday?
I'm fine. Though I went into a state of chock today in the local cheap-market, when realising they actually had christmas stuff for sale. I think that's way too early......
It's boring weather today and I prefer to stay indoors in the warmth... trying to avoid the smell of snow there's in the air.
Yesterday by the lake gave a fine opportunity for some really nice pictures. I love the reflections from the sun in the water and the shadows on the ground. This place is so full of inspiration and beauty in every season. I always enjoy coming back.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening!


Missing out the cracks in the pavement, trutting my heel and strutting my feet

Hi there,
How are you today?
It's been a magical Saturday. I've been out in the fine weather with my cameras, just to find that very last glimpse of summer before the snow comes. The lake was calm and peaceful - just a Hungarian family with a bunch of kids fooling around there. Like everybody else, they were enjoying the good weather and the peace.
Wishing you a great Saturday evening!


Throw your soul through every open door

Hi there,
Sorry for the lousy update the last couple of days. Been slightly bizzi ....
I use my iPhone camera every day. The thing about iPhone is that it's a great mini-pc / phone etc., but the camera function is not that great.
However I do manage (at least occassionally) to get really good shots. It all depends on light and luck. So todays picture is a star - if I may say so myself. Love the color and the catch. Busy Bee collecting the last drops of this seasons honey :D

Wishing you a great Friday evening!


Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst

...Which is why this one isn't very good :P
Hi there,
Nice Monday. Hope the sun shines on you too.
I'm taking a day off. Have 2 dentistcalls and didn't want to go to work without being able to speak, so here I am, enjoying a relaxed first day of the week.

A view of the tiny harbour in Bogense on a warm day August day. There's always a lot going on in these local harbours, even at winter time. There are still a couple of fishing boats in service here. Apart from that - kind of sleepy day.
The picture was shot with my iPhone. Taking good pictures with an iPhone camera is an art. It's very difficult to get it right, but this one made me quite satisfied.

Have a great day!


Life would be so wonderful if we only knew what to do with it

Happy Sunday!!!!
The beautiful summerdays vanished and hello to rain and dark clouds. Though nature still is spectacular dressed in its red, brown and yellow colors. I really love this season .... Actually I love all seasons - they all have their own little beauty.

Leia and Tiger has been playing around like little bombs all morning. My mood raises watching them. They are hilarious!
However, these 2 darlings belong to Emily: Neija and Mitzi! I visited the 3 of them yesterday and took a couple of shots while Emily unpacked the bag filled with books I brought her ..... I can't help laughing when watching those 2 little ladies trying to find out what's inside the bag :D

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Dreams are necessary to life

How are you?
Beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun is shining, and it feels as if summer was just here. - Oh - but it was here for the past 2-3 days. But everything good has an end ... However I like the thought of summer, and look forward to brighter days next year, while looking back at those days that passed - back in June at the beach on one of those warm evenings .....

Enjoy your evening!


Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't

Hi there,
How are you doing today? - Good I hope!
Autumn is here, but the weather is still on and off like a summerday. The colors of Autumn are fabulous. The red, green, yellow and brown mixed in a quiet symphony; Love it! ... Unfortunately the season is so short, so I try to enjoy every single minute before the snow starts falling and everything turns white.

This photo was taken a coupple of days ago in a small park near my work. You can see the birch in the background turning yellow/brown ... Soon the leaves will start to fall .... I read somewhere, that we should treasure this moment, because due to the climate changes, autumn will not be a part of nature in less than 10 years.  - Scary thought!!!!!

Have a wonderful evening!


Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of everyday human events

Hi there!
How are you today? - Good I hope.
I'll skip the formalities and jump right into it: The photo of today. It's actually an 'old' photo - meaning I took it some time ago, but did not show it on this blog. It's from the harbour at Gilleleje from the first days of July this year.

Enjoy your evening!


I have become a comfortably numb

Hey there!
How are you?
Enjoying the Sunday?
- I am.
The weather's been absolutely gorgeous today, so I took the liberty to get out with my camera in the pocket to search for some good camera-friendly motives.
A walk in the old town on a sunny day, gives me the feeling of Little Paris ... The old wooden houses with their tiny balconies are so beautiful ..... I suddenly felt myself being taken back to basics ....

Have a wonderful evening!


I know the insurance won't cover this

How are you?
I am good today. Because it's Saturday, and Saturday is the best day of the week.
Husband picked up a bottle of dark Captain Morgan for me, and I spent the morning fabricating my own rumtopf, which is to be served at Christmas Eve as a dessert (together with some other goddie, goddie stuff)

Inside smelss of dark, brown sugar, oranges, plums, apples, grapes, peaches, cinnamon, vanilla and rum.
Cannot wait to taste it - but will have to control myself for 6-8 weeks before digging in :D

Enjoy your day!


A lot of people don't want to make their own decisions. They're too scared. It's much easier to be told what to do

Hey !!!!
The sun's been shining today, and I ate my weekly plate of junk for lunch. I kind of like the place I go to, because it's old fashioned, and looks more like a coffee shop than a fastfood restaurant. It's an old wooden house with a nice view. I had the place to myself. Just sat there and enjoyed the peace for half an hour, before heading back to modern times.
The photos today is a collection of 2 shots ... Mainly because I also want to show you how junky my lunch was :P

Have a great Friday night!


A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself

Hi there!
How's your day been? - Good I hope!
Weekend starts tommorow, and it feels great!
Today, with the rain pouring down, I long back for better days .....
At the harbour

Bogense by Night

Enjoy your evening!


I'm not messy. I'm organizationally challenged !

Buzz, buzz! - It's me again!!!!!!
How have you been today?I've been good. At least I manage to convince myself that I've been good. Someone might not agree, but you know what it's like: Can't win them all!Anyway. Todays picture is not one of my own. It's borrowed. From Wordfeud - a funny little game I play on iPhone. It's like scrabble. .... Actually it is scrabble. Go on! You should try it! - You'd might like it :D

Have a wonderful evening!


His I.Q. is so low you can't test it. You have to dig for it

Hi there,
Hope your days is going well.
I'm home and safe and not worrying one sec about work. No, No, No No :P

Todays picture is taken outside my dentist's shop window. I think this old motorbike is so cool, and I like the idea of a dentist keeping this as an appetizer by the frontdoor. I like the reflections in the photo - the headlights from the cars passing by are visible .....


Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life

Hi there!
Every day I pass by this shop filled with funny stuff. I saw this guy in the window the other day. I'm not sure what he symbolises, but I kind of like him ......

Have a good evening!


Love doesn't grow on trees like apples in Eden - it's something you have to make. And you must use your imagination too

Long time no see. This is my first post in 3 months. Apologize for that.
So what's happened in the meantime? - Well, I adopted a new kitten. Her name is Princess Leia. I've had her for a month now, and Tiger Busig is thrilled :D

So here she is: Princess Leia

I've decided to move the diary over to hyperenergyandotherobstacles.blogg.no, and keep this as my main photo diary. I hope that's okay with you.
I will also look over the design, to see if I can do some changes there.

Bye for now!


I eat too much because I'm depressed, and I'm depressed because I eat too much. It's a vicious circle... that took years to perfect!

Found a new friend for Tiger. She's 1 week old and will come and live with us in 11 weeks from now. I haven't found a good name for her yet, but something different is preferable.

So how was my day? - Good! - Not great, but good. It's Thursday and I'm able to see the end of this week, which is a relief, because I'm still not up and running in my highest gear .... Feeling a bit tired by now actually :D
Love the thought of the book waiting for me in the distance. I have no plans what so ever for the weekend - except for reading of course. I hope I'll be able to sit outside and read while enjoying the sun ... Ehhh - I might count with something that someone else is not really able to promise me :P
Tiger's still on his diet. Not satisfied with the arrangement, I can tell you that. - Sorry baby - there's nothing I can do about it. You just have to hit acceptance xD
What to do? - Yes, coffee of course and a little chocolate. Write an email to my dad's wife and call my dad. He's been seing the doctor today. I cannot wait to hear the result of that.


Why do we want intelligent computers when there are so many stupid users?

Funny experience again today. Husband missed that we now have a combi wireless / ethernet router, so when the ethernet connection for some reason stopped working, he didn't just grab one of the wireless pc's ... No. *Sigh*  - My fault that he hasn't been properly educated of course (smack myself for that). Done that now :P
Tiger planted a solid bullet on the bathroom floor. Not that I blame him, but MG! - that new diet of his makes his bullets just too smelly! I wonder what that pedigree food from The Farmers are made of!!!!!
Looking for a friend for him. Planned to get one for my birthday, but now Maria's friend has new kittens, and one of them will definately be appropriate.

Look at him! Food on his nose - laying in my bed! - Ever since he returned from his vacation in Mitzi-Neija Land he's been sneak-sleeping in my bed. He's never done that before. I think he misses the 2 ladies, which is why I must get him some cat-company asap.
Enjoyed my day actually. Lots of laughs and lots of bizar happenings (thanks for cake btw Tanja - I know I didn't deserve my slice :P) ... Despite of that I do look forward to the weekend where I plan to read my new book. I hope Emily and Fredrik will stop by on Sunday ... If that can't be arranged, I'll simply postpone and rewind, pretending Monday to be July 1 :D


Excuse me if I kiss the sky

Hey there!
Don't know if it's the amount of strawberries, the fabulous book I received for my birthday, my wonderful colleagues, my sweet little kitty-cat, the fact that it's Tuesday - or if it's just me .....but G@D Damn it! I am in such a great mood today!
The book I received from my dad, is written by French-Danish journalist and author Stéphanie Surrugue and it's about the highly controversial prince consert Henri, married to the Danish queen. I picked it myself from the bookstore, because I, against all common sense, think the man is interesting. Imagine being this world accustomed man, born in France, raised in Vietnam, living in England, landing in Denmark of all countries, trying to adapt our perculiar and very difficult language and our strange, narrow-minded norms and un-written rules? - It must have been toughed. I believe that Henri - or Henrik as we call him - has managed better than most people. Yes his accent is a bit funny and yes he'll never become a Dane. But frankly: How many would have survived all the critizism he's been facing over the years? - Don't think so!!!!
Anyway. When the book came out last year I read parts of it, and now I hold it in my hand and look so much forward to read it.

What else is up? - Oh, yes .. Google+ of course. It's fun. The picture layout is nice and I think I'll be able to get on well with the place :D
And of course waiting for Maria to put up pictures of all the new kittens so that I can find out which one I want to be Tiger Busig's new friend .....
Sorry for not updating so often these days. I have 2 million things to do, but I try to find some time over to keep you posted.
BTW: Would it be too much to ask for a little more than a grey sky on a summerday?


If it rains it rains

Getting on with dinner preparations. Been sitting outside at the balcony most of the afternoon, reading. Basicly I grabbed a book to get some information about the building of Göta Canal, found what I was looking for, and then simply continued with the book that's written by Herman Lindqvist and contains a lot of information about the murder of King Gustav III, his son and how Jean Baptiste Bernadotte ended up being the King of Sweden. Fascinating. And besides, Herman Lindqvist is a good writer and storyteller who I enjoy listening to.
All in all a peaceful Sunday with very little to do. Pretending to forget about tomorrow ... I really would like to be on temporarily holiday for the next 40 years :P Haven't been out of my nightgown all day. - Actually it's not quite true, because I took a shower this morning, but afterwards decided to go casual the rest of the day.
Still no sight of rain and thunder, but MG it's so hot now that I'm sure it can break out any minute.
Watched Camilla Plum preparing pickled tomatoes for pasta sauces etc. That was pretty easy. Want to try it out myself. Just need to grab the recipe and get on with it. Now it's time for another favorite of mine: Per Moberg in his kitchen and my dinner.
BTW: Tiger is not a fan of his new diet. He's more hungry. I feel sorry for him, but what can I do!?! - He's supposed to eat less than he did in the past .... Sorry Tiger!

Some men like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a path

Good Noon!
There's a smell of thunder in the air this morning ... Tiger's tossing around, pleading for his breakfast. He sleept tight during the night and didn't disturb me at all. - But he sleeps in my bed nowadays :( - I'm not sure if I fancy that ....
Trying to get an invitation for Google + ... I think it's rather weird. I've had Google since 2006, and yet I have to receive an invitation from someone to get access to the feature. And since I'm not famous or popular in any way I feel I'm walking the path of wilderness.
Anyway - I spent some days with the family and found my dad changed to the worst. I mean, he's always been a hard-tempered man, but now, he reached to state where I wonder if he's suffering from alzheimers. It isn't nice to see .... I also think he's finding it hard to accept that he's no longer able to do what he wants to do .... That makes him extremely frustrated.
What to do, what to do????? - Oh, yes. Enjoy the last day of this vacation as much as I can


If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need

Cheerful weather at Skamlingsbanken when I was there. But at least they had cows. I like cows. When I was a child, cows in the fields were a normal sight. Nowadays cows are trapped inside in the barn most of their lives. It's sad that we exploit animals the way we do in our society.

Skamlingsbanken is a hill. With a peak rising to 113 metres (371 ft) above sea level, it is the highest point in South Jutland.
The view is spectacular - when the sun's shining. When we were there, it was grey and cloudy; the rain was pouring down ....
When crossing the Little Belt Strait, we chose to use the old bridge from 1935. I counted and realised that I was crossing that bridge for the first time in 25 years.

Anyway .... this post ended up being about everything else but gardening and books. .....


Dreams are necessary to life

So sorry for the missing updates the past weeks. - I had too much to write about, but was unable to write it down.
Home after 3 weeks. Picked up my little Prince Tiger today at Emily's. Poor little thing's been sick, which might explain why he's lost weight. Anyway, Emily and Fredrik's been taking very good care of him. His exhausted after the trip, but happy to be home again. - Btw - so am I. - East, West, home's best or something like that :P
Not looking forward to going back to work though, so let me pretend that work is far, far away xD
On our way home (which is a 12 hours journey), the weather was awesome, and when passing by Linköping, we decided to make a stop at Berg's Locks along the Göta Canal, which is such an interesting experience. It gave me lots of opportunity to see the locks in function due to the traffic on the canal. - And there were plenty of objects for the camera to catch ....

It was hot 

 Linköping is hosting an Airforce museum

Passing Stockholm .....

Passing by the Chinese Wall and the Forbidden City along the highway

My dream is a boat trip at the canal .... Birthday gift perhaps???


I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it

..... and I feel obliged just to mention this fact of life
Stormy weather and not the day for out-door activites. My 2 weeks in peace are about to end. Tomorrow we set off to visit my dad for a little longer stay before heading home .....
Seems as if this wireless router of mine works pretty okay most of time. However, I'm not satisfied with the speed. That could be for 2 reasons:
1) Connectivitity in general due to weather conditions
2) Expectations set to 'high' instead of 'slow'
Will continue the test just to make sure if 1 or 2 should be announced to be the winner.
For the past 2 days, I've amuzed myself with 'Hercule Poirot'. I really like that fellow. The plots are secondary - it's the environments and the characters that's dazzling me .... A bit sad to end this fine relationship ....
No pictures available that I want to show you, so I simply borrowed a pretty flower from Google expressing this first day of the Julian summer ....


Feel free to disagree

Stormy weather and grey sky. Not much to do here under these circumstances. - A nap might do the trick.
Today I realized that I haven't used any make-up for the past 2 weeks. We're having a dinnerparty tonight, and I'm seriously considering to skip the make-up and just be myself. I know make-up gives the false feeling of youth and pretty-ness (?????), but I'm not sure I care too much about that right now. ....

I intend to try out the new Google+ to see what it is. It's difficult to have an opinion about anything you haven't tried. - Anyway, social medias are interesting experiences from a philosophical mindset. You can measure your own popularity directly by counting the 'likes' or on the number of comments you receive. - I don't think social medias are for anyone with a low self-esteem or for suicidals. .... It's like blogging. If you expect hundreds of people to read your blog every day, you'll be dissapointed. That only happens if you're famous. - Blogging is not something you should do for the sake of others. Blogging is something you should do because you need to get something out of your system ....


Happiness depends upon ourselves

....or something like that ......

A bit quiet day .... Cloudy but warm. Thunderstorm on it's way. Waiting .....
Meanwhile checking the news about Greece. I don't understand what the fuzz is all about. The Greek voters have elected their irresponsible politicians themselves. As long as everything went well, the voters continued to elect the same irresponsible politicians while enjoying the good life. Now there's a bill that has to be paid. Which is quite right. You really can't expect the outside world to pay for your party!!!!!
So stop yealling, break down and move on my dears!
No plans for the evening .... except for a short walk to the beach. I'm soooo lazy these days .... Feel great being that. I've got all the time in the world. .... Though missing Tiger. I'm gonna get him a vet certificate and bring him with me on future vacations. I'm sure he misses me too :P


Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish? I know it's tuna, but it says 'Chicken of the Sea'

Drove through the military exercise area to get a delicious meal for lunch. The soldiers have been playing the war game throughout the day. You get used to the sounds .......

... And yes, I ought to present a couple of pics to prove above. The problem is, I could hear them, but never got a glimpse of them.
Winds from East and around 28 C ... but I tend not to swim, even though it is tempting. However the streams are strong and I'm not a very good swimmer. This landlubber prefers solid ground under her feet.
Btw - I'm glad I didn't rent one of the overrated expensive summer cottages at the seaside. Imagine paying 12000 in hard cash and be forced to listen to noisy tanks and gunshots all day. How depressing!!!!!!
- I'll tell you what: I give you a picture of their cows (apologize for the bumpy sharpness. It's rather difficult to hold a camera steady while driving)