Cafe life

This is a students cafe. Normally over-crowded with people. The reason why so many students go there is because it's a nice place and the prices are more than fair.

We went there today with Miss Winty. Just for coffee and chat.
Miss Winty is doing a school project on ethics and moral. It's always interesting to hear others views on these complex subjects. The good thing about Miss Winty is that she always has an open mind for her parents point of views. As we have open minds for her point of views. It is wonderful to be able to feel proud of ones children. Not for what they achieve but for who they are. I am extremely proud of my youngest daughter.

Unfortunately it started to rain just as we were leaving the cafe for a photo-expedition, so that was postponed untill next week.

Instead I'll show you a picture from our last trip to the garden of Stenegaard.

It is from the children's garden. Imagine to be allowed to play here. It's quite fascinating.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Garden Party

This is beach volley. - Ahhh, maybe not....

Seek and you shall find
Not quite sure what we are looking for...........

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....

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