This building is right in front of our appartment - actually it's between out appartment and the local firestation.

It's a shop where you can buy anything from grills and coffee machines to tools for the handyman. It's a big building and the architecture is quite interesting. I'm trying to get some information about the history of this house, but nothing's mentioned on any website that I can think of. So I'll have to find a local resident who might be able to tell me a little bit about it.
There seems to be a resident upstairs. It's a pigeon keeping an eye on me.



A coupple of days ago I received this beautiful award from Thom at http://tp4ww.com/.

I appreciate receiving this from you, Thom. I strongly recommend everybody to check out his wonderful blog. Thom always has a surprise for his readers. And his layout is cool. Very exotic. So thank you Thom for this. - I will pass it over during this weekend.


Here are some more pictures from the inside of Jaervsoe Church.

The pulpit is from 1772. When the church was restored in 1890 the pulpit was removed from the church. Luckily it was found and re-installed in the church in 1958.

The church is built on an island. Due to it's length it was built in a North-South direction instead of the traditional Christian East-West direction.



Do you want to play?

The wolf is a fascinating animal. It's very shy despite it's similarities to dogs. However, the wolfs in Jaervzoo are used to people and wants to play. This one was watching a couple of children behind the fence. You can see how he's just waiting for the invitation.



North of Rome

This is from the inside of Jaervsoe (Järvsö) Church. 1400 people can be seated at the same time and it's therefore said to be the largest village church in Sweden. The architecture is inspired by the Italian school, and it looks like marple - but is plaster. Nevertheless, I think the decoration is very beautiful. Very simple and very clean.



Fawlty Towers

playground fits very well into the rest of the architecture in Brumleby. Lots of fun for children in all ages.

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