After rain comes .... ?

It's been raining cats and dogs all night and most of the day. We'd made plans for a second trip to Jaervsoe (Järvsö), but the original plan was changed a little bit because of the rain.

After a visit to the local village church, we ended up at 'Café Lill-Babs' in Jaervsoe for coffee and cakes.

Born as Barbro Margareta Svensson in 1938 in Jaervsoe, Lill-Babs established herself as an entertainer, TV-profile etc. from 1953. Her family runs the café at 'Långhans' which - to my understanding - is Lill-Babs' birthplace. A very beautiful house at the foot of the mountain Oejeberget (Öjeberget) in Jaervsoe.

Sitting under a huge baldakin enjoying our coffee and the spectacular view. You can see how the rainclouds are embrasing the trees.

And here is Lill-Babs. The photo is from her official page http://www.lill-babs.com



Back From The Dead

Last Sunday my laptop went from sick to death. We sent it to the emergency room where it finally decided to recover and return to life again. Though it's lost all of its most important content. So I have to re-start the feeding process.

In clear language this means that most of my photos are gone with the wind. But since I have only myself to blame for this missfortune, I'm simply gonna break down and move on.

Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities to be creative, and I'm grapping it instinctly as I've already decided where the camera and I are going to spend the day-:)

Some of my Swedish animal photos are safe and my photo of today is therefore a shot from Jaervzoo - a group of reindeers in the forrest.

Have a Good Weekend!

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