Today is the last real summerday of 2009. Autumn is in the air. We therefore decided to spend this beautiful day in Järvzoo (Jaervzoo) which is just around the corner. The animals living in the park are all living wild in the Swedish nature.

The Goddess of Fortune was with us today, and gave us the possibility to see almost all animals, except for the red fox and the golden eagle.

Brown bears are a natural part of the Swedish nature. Miss Winty met one when walking in the forrest last year. Both she and the bear decided to turn their backs and leave.

This bear mother is locked up behind a fence, and wasn't really interested in me.

The wolverine is a preditor you don't want to meet. It's much more aggressive than bears. This one however was posing for me for more than 10 minutes.

Wolverine is 'järv' (jaerv) in Swedish. And naturally both the zoo and the small town at the foot of the mountain got their names after the wolverine

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Happy Weekend!



The Tripple Awards, Friendship Forever and passing by an appletree

Thom surprised me yesterday by giving me these beautiful awards. Thank you Thom. It's a great honour. Please visit Thom at his fantastic blogsite Thoms Place 4 Well Whatever

I immediately pass them over to

Henrik and Ulrika at http://blog.tallman.se/
Aileni at http://monochromeweeklytheme.blogspot.com/

For your creative and inspiring blogs that I read with great joy every day.

And last but not least I include Thom on this list as well-:) for his wonderful blog.

Thank you again Thom.

The summer offers us lots of glam and glitter. The apple tree is one of my favorites. As you can see this tree has roses as well. I found it in Brumleby. Please click on the image to enlarge it


The Church Rowers

Before cars and busses became a natural part of the infrastructure, people had to solve their transportation problems in other ways. If they wanted to go to church they could choose to cross the lake by boat. These boats are still in use - but not for the original purpose. Now you can hire the church rowers for at sightseeing trip on the Dellen Lakes.



The Dellen Lakes

Yesterday we were invited on a trip around the Dellen Lakes by 2 of our friends. Since we've never done that before, we thought it would be fun to see the lakes - or the lake system from that perspective. And of course I brought my camera.

Here's a view over the Northern Lake, which is the smallest part of the lake system of Dellen

Standing on a bridgde I managed to get a nice shot of the Southern part of the lake system with the mountains in the background

And finally a shot of some of the cosy cabbins and cottages along the lake.

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