B Day

Today is B Day. Since the weather is fantastic (of course) we decided to make a day out of it. This morning we met with Miss Winty and Freddie for coffee and cake at a patissery just opposite the marina.

This does look cosy, doesn't it?

We enjoyed our lunch in a small restaurant on top of a hill, overlooking the most spectacular view.
The lake Dellen was formed by a meteorite impact 2.7 million years ago. It is Swedens 18th largest lake.



The Botanical Garden

University of Münster's garden was fabulous. Because of Darwins 250 anniversiry, the whole garden is dedicated Darwin. Here are a couple of shots from the garden:



Colognial Mass Hysteria

Back from my very long vacation. With tons of pictures. Except from Copenhagen, because that's Chris' jurisdiction-:)

My visit in Cologne, Germany, was interesting. Analyzing people and their behavior is one of my hobbies and the crowds running towards Cologne Cathedral was a psychological study in mass psychosis. I've never seen anything like that. This for sure was the symbol of commercialization in its most extreme form. Everybody holding a camera in their hands shooting at everything in their way while screaming and shouting. Inside the mighty cathedral complete chaos reigned. No attempt to control the crowds. Impossible to take a closer look at the decoration. After 20 minutes, a German voice from the loudspeakers asked us to leave.

However, I did manage to get a couple of shots from inside the cathedral before escaping to a cosy café to get my blood sugar back to normal

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is worth a visit. But I know for sure, that my next visit will be executed as early in the morning as possible and not during the summer periode.