The Rose

Leaving Denmark tomorrow morning. Heading to Germany. Because of the weather forecasts we've decided to skip Berlin this year and instead drive along the river of Rhine.

Spoke to Miss Winty a number of times during the day. She and Freddie are participating in the annual Metaltown Festival in Gothenburg, and I wanted to

make sure that they remember to place all of my cd's (I have a huge collection of metal music) in a safe and not leave them in the car
check if they are enjoying themselves - which they are.

Miss Winty is a dedicated art photographer. The picture below is hers. A picture of one of my favorite flowers.



Wintys Ball Dress

Miss Winty just phoned and asked me to take a picture of the ball dress I bought for her today. - She is curious. So this one's for her.

- Winty: This is the best I can do for now. I hope you like the dress.


Please check my story of today below-:)

The Ice Cream Corner

The Ice Cream Corner in Henne. Placed in the middle of a cross road. The owner of the place, Mick, is also the small towns official bathing water controller.

Originally the small house hosted the local hostel. It had 11 beds, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small office. It's a 2 floor house.

Mick has kept 1 bed, the bathroom and the office. Apart from this the house contains a coffee bar, and icecream bar and a whisky bar.

This café offers 92 guests the possibility to sit down and relax - at the same time.

I strongly recommend Mick's Irish Coffee and / or his Henne Super Cornet.




Sankt Hans

Today is Sankt Hans, something which we in Denmark mark by sending the witches to Bloksbjerg (Brocken) in Harzen.

Above is the local witch - the one I was photographed with yesterday - standing on top of the bonfire.




Yesterday was a cultural day as we decided to see Ribe, the oldest town of Denmark. And to pay a visit to Our Lady Maria Cathedral in Ribe is also the oldest church in Denmark, built in 1150.

Ribe was the residence of the royal family for centuries. The famous Queen Dagmar (Queen of Denmark 1205-1212) the spouse of Valdemar Sejr (Valdemar the Victorius) is considered to be the Guardian Angle of Ribe.
Ribe is a very beautiful and pitoresque town, and the cathedral is worth a visit. Hans Tausen (the protagonist of the Danish Reformation, pupil of Martin Luther) was the cathedrals Bishop from 1541 to his death in 1561, and his beautiful tomb stone is hanging on one of the walls inside the cathedral.

The cathedral has been renovated and new buildings added during the centuries. The latest renovation was from 1982-1987 where the artist Carl-Henning Pedersen took on the assingment to create the ornamentation of the chancel of Ribe Cathedral. His works consists of the three teqniques: fresco, glass mosaic and mosaic created directly on the wall where it is to stay.

It is of course very, very difficult to photograph this fantastic work of Carl-Henning Pedersen, however I couldn't resist trying, and at this picture you see both the frescos, the magnificant glass mosaic windows and the 7 mosaics.

We discussed in particular the glass mosaic windows heavily, but I think the strong colours of the windows fit in very well, balancing the paleness of the frescos and the mosaics.

However, I am aware that it's all a matter of taste.

At http://picasaweb.google.com/Asta2143/HenneStrandJune2009 you can see more photos from the inside of the beautiful cathedral and from the town of Ribe.