Last night around midnight. The sunset was fabulous and I couldn't resist.
Just had to catch this with my camera.

The moon is showing half its face

Rose and purple skies

The moon again. Right above the shimmering skies



Whom the Gods would destroy - they first make mad

5 years after the death of the legendary Morse, Robbie Lewis returns to Oxford now as Detective Superintendent. Together with his DS James Hathaway, Lewis investigates the murder of Dean Greely. During their investigation, Lewis and Hathaway discovers the dead mans membership of a secret Oxford Club named The Sons of the Twice born after an epithet of Dionysus. When other members of the exclusive club are also found dead, Lewis realizes that he must search in the past if he wants to catch the killer. Discovering a dark tragic story of young men’s quest for the perfect drug.

The characters of ‘Lewis’ are based on the author Colin Dexters 'Inspector Morse' crime novels. 'Whom the Gods would destroy' is included in the first movie DVD containing 4 individual episodes of ’Lewis’. All episodes are centered in and around Oxford in the typically quiet pace that also characterizes all ‘Morse’ episodes.

Robbie Lewis is the unsophisticated copper. A bit grumpy and not at all aimed to please his bosses. However Lewis possesses a strong commitment and dedication to his work.

DS James Hathaway complements Lewis and often provides him with the clues he needs to proceed towards a solution. He was expelled from his theology studies in Cambridge and he often questions ideas which he recognises as narrow.

’Lewis’ is an attempt to revive the traditions of 'Morse'. Anyone admiring this tradition will appreciate the series of Lewis.




Age: 45

Weight: 87.29 pounds

Lenght: 4.96 feet - I've grown 0.78 inches since the last check??

Waist: 24.96 inches

BMI: 17.2 (oops)

Hearing: Perfect!

Eyes: Minus and minus is equal to Doubble. GO SEE AN OPTICIAN ASAP!

Metabolism: Extra check of the thyroid glands - I wonder how seriously goitre is? Can I wait till August? Feels a bit stressful to go check this now.

Arteriosclerosis: Absolutely not

Cholesterol value: Perfect - since I didn't press down a hot dog right before the visit

Alcohol abuse symptoms: What's that?

Smoking: No cursing received

Next overhaul: 2014