Absense without leave

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Was striked by desperation yesterday. For 5 hours I tried to reach Miss Fan on the phone. I think I pressed the speed-dialer at least 50 times. No reply. Which was odd. As a matter of fact it has never happened before. I mean, she calls me sharp 8 every morning, then around 10, always during lunch to talk for at least 20 minutes, at 2 pm and around 5 pm she checks up on me again. If she's scheduled a meeting, I know about it, and she always rings me as soon as the meeting is over never mind which hour.

It sounds like an addiction, and in a way it is. We are not discussing private issues such as children or pets or men though. Our business is strictly business, so when I need to speak to Miss Fan, it's because I have a serious problem that only she can solve. But for 5 hours she decided to be un-reachable. And I was slightly panicking. At some point I thought I'd done something wrong. But after serious evaluation conclusion was that whatever I'd done, it still wouldn't explain her hostility to speak to me. Normally I receive an angry email if I've trimbled and then that's that.

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y she called me! - Claiming that she'd switched off the phone accidently - and didn't know how! - No wonder why I'd been forced to hear the metallic ISpeak woman yealling in my ear "You will now be transferred to the information bar. Please leave a message after the beep" - 50 times.

Sorry Miss Fan, but you need to read the instruction book, because whenever I dial your number, it's an emergency!

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Rape of the ignorant mind

Been kinda lazy for the last couple of days. In relation to my blog that is. Feel a bit un-inspired, which probably has to do with my lack of energy which I blame on my sickness. I lost 8 pounds, which is 10% of my total body weight. And that's a lot. So I feel I may be excused.

While I've been un-inspired, a bunch of other people has taken the opportunity to overwhelm us with more or less useless information. Same category as mine above you may add.......... For example I read useless information about dresses on the red carpet and hair and make-up and I don't know what. I couldn't care less, so why on earth bother to read the stuff - which - by the way - most of the time is written by people who knows nothing about trends, and who can't write, but just happen to be a nobody who suddenly became a somebody by throwing dirt on other people.

What strikes me when reading these "trendy" blogs is not so much that Perez Hilton and TMZ.com exists. Not odd either that thousands of people chew the garbage raw without a burple. Most people do. Because they're borred, or ignorant or un-able to use the inner-side of their brain. It's fascinating, that these bloggers live on other peoples ignorance the way they do. It's called abuse where I come from. But the abused are not able to see the abuser even though he's only 3 inches away.

Perez Hilton and others point their finger and yeal J'acuse! as if they were the new Émile Zola. But unlike Zola, they never make a statement - they just imply...... The rest is up to the anonymous comment writers. Who are they these mind fuckers? Are they wise, sensible people whose mission in life is to lead the flock? - No! They're not. They're cockroaches who don't stand up for what they say or do. They hide behind their disciples who comment on everything they write. - Excuse me while I throw up.

They'll scandalize anyone as long as that person has more than they have: A life and a hobby.

Why did I read the shit? - I was un-inspired and needed a good kick in the part of the body that I hold high ONLY when I study the insects crawling underneath the dirt.