Giggs and Betty(s) Boop

Collected my new guitar yesterday. And I am so happy! It's awesome!

Also found some new songs to practice on.

Saw another awesome guitar in the shop which is dark green. Very nice. That'll be the next one for my collection I believe.

Bought an album with Tiamat. It's a mix between goth / metal and indie rock. I like Johan Edlunds way of interpreting the text. That's why I refer to indie rock (no offense Tiamat - I know you don't see yourself as an indie rock band). But Johan uses the indie rock tecnique when singing. Not perfect English. His English. And a dark soft voice. Very indie and very cool.

After over a months physical pain, I'm on my feet again. For the past week I've been swallowing penicillin, and slowly I'm recovering and getting my mental strength back as well. Now I just need to gain some weight, because I've gone down 5-6 pounds. Look like a corps!

Didn't open my laptop for more than a week, so got a lot of catching up to do.


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