60 years of blindness

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has been an on-going issue for the past 60 years.
Out of this conflict uncountable wars have been fougt - mostly in other countries. Lebanon for instans has suffered tremendously as a result of this conflict.

Israels point is its right to defend itself. To defend itself from attacks from Hamas, Israel decided to proceed with a fullscale war against the Hamas stronghold Gaza.

I don't support Hamas. Hamas is a fundamentalist and extremist group of people with no desire for peace and cooperation. Hamas sees the civil population in Gaza merely as victims that can be used for higher propaganda purposes. And as recruits to the next generation of terrorists.

Unfortunately the more civilians who dies in Gaza, the more Hamas will succeed in its aim.

Israel has chosen to launch its campaign in the shadow of a paralyzed American political administration. Knowing that schism between an outgoing and an incoming president puts any strong reaction on standby until further notice. The UN Security Council has excluded itself from everything by allowing permanent member states to veto against anything that would put contributions from the jewish voters on stake. In the light of this Israel has free hands to proceed with something that can be associated with the destruction of Warsaw in 1944.

EU has sent a delegation to Tel Aviv to discuss the matter with the Israelean government and with the Palestinian president. Unfortunately, Mr. Abbas is not speaking on behalf of the Palestinian majority. Question therefore is: Will EU be able to achieve anything?

The other questions one could raise are: Are we interested in resolving the conflict at all? Do we care about the survival of the 1 1/2 millions living in Gaza? Or do we after all feel that it's somehow convenient to let the Israelis do the dirty work for us?


I - The Enviable

Read an aticle on www.slate.com offering good advice on how not to do on Facebook and Myspace or other sites on the internet, if you want to avoid to expose yourself to your boss or to your planned husbands or wives by showing the more merry sides of your nature. - For example images of drinking and partying etcetera. - I felt completely excluded.

I belong to that exclusive group of the deadly dull thousandths of people who neither drink alcohol nor take drugs. - Neither did I ever go to high school - or university - and I never go to bars. So noone has anything on me - visually I mean. - Come to think of it I would be a really excellent real life princess candidate, in case anyone's in need of one.

With my highly respected good name - not the one I present myself with here, but my real name, which by the way goes back in a straight line to the days of the REAL noblesse oblige - Anno 1300 and something. BC of course. - it would be unthinkable, nearly a mistake to expose oneself in public in an un-controlled condition. And certainly not on the internet.

So the well-meaning and by the way very entertaining article on
www.slate.com concerned only the 139.9 million other users of Facebook and Myspace - not me.

Which in itself is great, because that means that I am quite unique, and thus an enviable. - Isn't it nice with a bit of confirmation from time to time?!?


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A day at the razorblades

Minus 29 C! - I have no desire for a smoke. It's too cold. I thought there was something wrong with the thermometer............ Unfortunately not!

Spent 2 days indoors. Unfortunately it's Monday, and therefore I had to go to work. It takes only 5 minutes by car, but those 5 minutes were 5 minutes in hell. It's unbelievable. - I refuse to believe that man was ever made for this cold. If we were we would have been born covered in fur. I'm quite sure of that.

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Trade and character

In 1999 a building at the site I worked at then was hit by a huge explosion. 2 minuttes later Fire Service, ambulances and police arrived at the scene. Followed by a couple of cars from the local eye report. Their interest was to film the whole event, ask questions to chocked people and disturb the Fire Services ability to work.

That sort of reporting was relatively new at that time.

Nowadays hospital emergency areas are monitored by cameras in order to prevent reporters from filming at the area, and most of all the areas around the emergency entrance.

This is costing tax payers tremendous sums of money. It also raises the question - once again - about media ethics. If there wasn't a buyer, there wouldn't be a seller. And un-fortunately "respected" newspapers and TV-stations are the main buyers of this type of eye witness pictures and films. They even encourage private individuals to send in material filmed with their mobile phones.

Media is not here to give us interesting and relevant views on the news. - Media is here for commercial purposes only. To make money. Why do we - the viewers and the readers accept this without questioning?
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