Easy catch

For the past 3 weeks the sun hasn't been shining. But today the weather suddenly changed and it became a beautiful late atumn afternoon. So we went out to smell the fresh air and see the sun.

Even the fish were desperate for the sun and therefore easy to catch.



Jacob said...

Did you catch any? What kind of fish would you catch in this lake?

Looks like a wonderful afternoon, especially after a number of gray days.

Hope you're weekend is going well.

Asta said...

Thank you Jacob. You would mainly be abel to catch perch in this lake.

Златина said...

You had a great day! :)
I envy you!

Anonymous said...

It looks so peaceful there. I love it. Did ya catch any fish? :) Have a great weekend :)

John said...

Looks like a placid kind of a day; love the woodsmoke on the other side of the lake

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Asta,
You live in such a beautiful place, look girl!
These pictures are fabulous!
Thanks for sharing, I liked a lot!
Very romantic mood!

Asta said...

Thank you!-:)

Sadly enough I didn't catch anything. But some did-:)


m_m said...

Nice:) We wish you sunny days:) Nice photos, so nostalgic and full of atmosphere!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Lovely photos!!! Very pretty and peaceful!

Vogon Poet said...

A great place, I am glad that your weather is better. A pity for the fishes...

cieldequimper said...

Hope the good weather lasts throughout the weekend! Lovely atmosphere in these shots!

Lucy the Cat said...

Oh, Asta, these are so pretty. You captured the reflection on the glassy water so wonderfully! Beautiful!!


ruma2008 said...

It is splendid scenery.

Reflections are very beautiful.

Thank you for showing a wonderful view.


Mike said...

Fishing, a cold beer or two beautiful scenery- some people have all the luck!

James said...

Great picture Asta. This post would have been perfect for Weekend Reflections.

Art Lover said...

oh very serene.