Conclusive facts

This guy came to the right conclusion-:)




Cezar and Léia said...

It's funny!LOL
Smart title, you are very creative!
Have a great weekend dear Asta!

Jacob said...

That is truly strange! Weird, even. But it's true to the extent that sometimes what we hate most about other people is what we see of ourselves in them.

Okay, enough philosophy for now!

By the by, my name is Jacob, not James... :-))

Asta said...

-:) LOL, Thank you Jacob for reminding me-:)

Best regards

John said...

Another of those shots that prove the old adage that you should always carry a camera. Now, as to content; you have to question the wife for marrying a guy who looks like that.

Jacob said...

Hi again! I thought it was funny because I have done the same thing, misnaming a couple of people...typing away and didn't even notice I called them by the wrong names.

So, my dear Clarissa, have a great weekend!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! What a riot!

jennyfreckles said...

Tee hee - many a true word spoken in jest!

Lucy the Cat said...

LOL Asta! Strange, unique and funny!


cieldequimper said...

Lol! Have a great weekend Asta!

JM said...

What a funny guy this is! :-)

Vogon Poet said...

Great catch, can't disagree with this... Have a nice weekend!