Remember the post about Lill-Babs?
- This has been created by a group of florists to show their tribute to 'Lill-Babs on stage'. The colours of the flowers are matching the colours of a dress Lill-Babs wore at one of her stage shows.



James said...

I remember lil Babs. This a very creative floral design. Cool.

Vogon Poet said...

I didn't know anything about this lady but, after checking a few links, I understand that this is my loss.
Glad to know that she's still much loved and revered in this colorful and imaginative way.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture this is and very creative. :)

Asta said...

Lill-Babs is a real lady and a real star. Very popular in Sweden.


Jacob said...

Hi Asta!

I know nothing from lil Babs, but this is a beautiful floral tribute! And a beautiful photograph!

Have a wonderful evening!

Anonymous said...

Yes. We are not like we used to be over here where we live. People will kill for a dollar. Or do almost anything and I would hate to think what would happen to a small girl in these days. So my wife and I drive her to school and pick her up at days end.

I enjoyed your photograph of lil Babs. I have not seen anything about it before today.

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Lucy the Cat said...

Yes, I remember Lill Babs. This is amazing what they did! It's so pretty! I like how you captured it in the picture.

JM said...

This is a very cool tribute! Great idea!

~Cheryl said...

This photo has a very joyful feeling about it! I like it a lot.

B SQUARED said...

This Lill-Babs must be an interesting character.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful floral design. Nice.

Cezar and Léia said...

Unfortunately I don't know much about.Anyway this garden is fabulous and the decorated flowers are so beautiful!
Have a nice weekend

Asta said...

Thank you-:)

The next couple of posts will be from the garden hosting Lill-Babs 'flower'dress-:)

Have a wonderful weekend!