I am crazy about anything that has to do with water. It is not possible for me to live on dry land. I was born on an island, and therefore it's a simple must for me to be able to see water at least once a day. When I grow up I want to live on a riverboat-:)



Jacob said...

I always dreamed of living on a houseboat, but now, not so much. I do like being near water, though...that's one reason we like Central Florida - it is inundated with lakes, and we're only about an hour from the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other...

This is a beautiful shot. I'm guessing that is a golf course in the background, right?

Have a good evening!

Asta said...

Hi Jacob,

It-s not a golf course. It's just a field - not sure what they use it for. But there is a golf course not so far from there, so in a way - you are almost right-:)


Anonymous said...

What a great photo. I love water as well. Go figure. LOL. I love the reflection in this photo. Well done as usual :)

Lucy the Cat said...

Hi Asta,

I love the sky reflected in the still water! Very nice picture!

I have a great, great grandmother who was born on the water (in a boat or a ship) and she was named Oceanna. She was an artist and mainly painted water scenes, so I think there's something to your theory.

jennyfreckles said...

There's something elemental about this - all that sky and water. Simple and beautiful.

Vogon Poet said...

Another beautiful image and some very nice words.
I agree with you about water. One of the few quiet places here are the outer piers of our harbor. I spend much time there, this explains the many pictures related to ships and the port itself. But I go there for the quiet and the water.

JM said...

Fantastic! Love the still water!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

What a gorgeous view, great reflections! So pretty.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Asta,
Beautiful place and perfect shot!
But about to live on a riverboat I think it would be complicated for me, as I do not know how to swim, I would prefer to live around flowers and green grass! :)
Have a great day dear friend

cieldequimper said...

Lovely reflection, subdued and serene!

Mo said...

Can't say I have dreams of living on a house boat. However I do feel the need to be close to water.