Having fun

I took this picture for fun and first rejected it as terrible, focusing too much on the water.
- But when looking at it I do find some interesting details.

Below is the scene from downside and up.



Lucy the Cat said...

That picture is beautiful. The reflection is amazing, it remind me of a Monet painting. Wonderful!!!

Asta said...

Thank you Lucy.... -:)

Cezar and Léia said...

Indeed it looks very interesting, it would be a shame to discard it. And the idea of showing the original view is great!
God bless you!

Jacob said...

Excellent, Asta - both shots! As Lucy said, it does remind one of an impressionist painting.

Asta said...

I'm glad you like it-:)
Thank you!


cieldequimper said...

I love the reflection, I wonder why you almost binned it, it's lovely!

Anonymous said...

I thought I could see a pair of carp-sized fish... but on enlargement I see it is actually a pair of divers.
Though I could be mistaken...:)

Anonymous said...

These are great. Asta I think you would be great for Carmi's Thematic Phoptographic. Have a great weekend :)

James said...

Hi Asta. I love the reflections both pictures are really nice.
Maybe I can go fishing in there? lol (j/k about the fishing):-)

Vogon Poet said...

You was right to publish both images, but the first is not bad at all.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I like that first shot--it almost looks like a painting. They are interesting too!

JM said...

Both shots are beautiful and show amazing reflections!

Asta said...

Thank you. I'm glad I didn't delete that image. The more I look at it the more I like it. -:)