Today is the last real summerday of 2009. Autumn is in the air. We therefore decided to spend this beautiful day in Järvzoo (Jaervzoo) which is just around the corner. The animals living in the park are all living wild in the Swedish nature.

The Goddess of Fortune was with us today, and gave us the possibility to see almost all animals, except for the red fox and the golden eagle.

Brown bears are a natural part of the Swedish nature. Miss Winty met one when walking in the forrest last year. Both she and the bear decided to turn their backs and leave.

This bear mother is locked up behind a fence, and wasn't really interested in me.

The wolverine is a preditor you don't want to meet. It's much more aggressive than bears. This one however was posing for me for more than 10 minutes.

Wolverine is 'järv' (jaerv) in Swedish. And naturally both the zoo and the small town at the foot of the mountain got their names after the wolverine

You can click on the pictures in order to enlarge them

Happy Weekend!



Henrik said...

It sure looks as a really nice day out.

Were the wolverines as you had expected. When I saw wolverines at Orsa Björnpark I was surprised of their size. I had imagined them as being larger.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Those bears look really lazy! Love that wolverine capture there at the end!

Asta said...

I also thought the wolverines would be bigger. It looks like a bear, but it's much smaller.

The bear mother was just wonderful relaxed and lazy. She reminded me of Balloo from Disney's animated picture-:)

Jacob said...

Greetings, Asta!

Zoos that provide a natural habitat are so nice! I like the brown bear that's ignoring you. We have black bears here ... in fact, not so long ago a black bear was spotted in a tree near downtown Ocala. He climbed down and disappeared, though.

Wolverines I don't know about. But it is probably best to avoid them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Asta said...

They sure are-:)

Black bears are scary I think. Heard some not so attempting stories about them.

Brown bears are not aggressive. Though they do tresspass, mainly because there's not enough food to feed them all, so they like to pay visits at farms.

However I don't think it's a good idea getting too close. Especially if it's a mother with babies.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen a wolverine. The are a good looking animal. Bears can be so lazy but then be so mean in an instant, well I guess if provoked. Great post. Sounds like you had a great day :)

James said...

I watched a tv show about wolverines a long time ago, they are very wild. :-) That looks like a very nice time and you got great pictures!

JM said...

A safari in Sweden! How fantastic! I would love to! Great shots, Asta!

Rajesh said...

The snaps of brown bear are wonderful.

m_m said...

Beautiful place. For sure, it is worth to spend there spare time. I hope that the summer will not end yet:)
Take care!

Mo said...

Oh no summer can't be coming to a close. Interesting wildlife.