Back From The Dead

Last Sunday my laptop went from sick to death. We sent it to the emergency room where it finally decided to recover and return to life again. Though it's lost all of its most important content. So I have to re-start the feeding process.

In clear language this means that most of my photos are gone with the wind. But since I have only myself to blame for this missfortune, I'm simply gonna break down and move on.

Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities to be creative, and I'm grapping it instinctly as I've already decided where the camera and I are going to spend the day-:)

Some of my Swedish animal photos are safe and my photo of today is therefore a shot from Jaervzoo - a group of reindeers in the forrest.

Have a Good Weekend!



James said...

I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune Asta. I can only imagine how terrible it must feel.
Good thing you still have a camera to take new pictures.
The one you posted today is really cool. Newtown is in "Bucks County" it's called that because of all the deer.

It's nice to see you again' :-)
Have a great weekend!

Jacob said...

There is no way to help you get over this pain. Know, though, that you're not alone. Not so long ago, my hard drive died dead! I lost everything that I hadn't saved to an external hard drive or on DVDs...which was a lot.

Now, when I download photos, I immediately copy them to an external drive and then later to a DVD.

Great to hear from you, and the photograph is outstanding. I kept looking for Santa, though... ;-)

Best wishes for a bon weekend!

Asta said...

Thank you James and Jacob!
It is GREAT to be back. I really missed you all!

I also learned to copy everything immediately. Strangely enough, I who administrate a datasystem, and yet I make the ultimate mistake......

Santa will come, James! I know he will-:)


Henrik said...

I know what it feels like when a member of ones family is ill and yes our computers are not only our friends they are part of our family.

Backups are easier thought of than done. Been there, done that, will happen again.

Reindeer are fun. Did you know that both the male and female carries horns. I know I'm a show-off, sorry. :-P

Anonymous said...

The external hard drive is the answer as a cure for the pain of loss.

Anonymous said...

Oh Asta...that is too bad. I use carbonite for automatic back ups. If you want an invite I can send you one...that helps me get a month free or something stupid like that. It costs money, but well worth it and it's unlimited storage. I also have a portable drive. I would highly suggest you get one of those at least and keep a copy of your pictures on there as well. :) Aloha my friend.

m_m said...

Sorry about your computer but great it is in good condition now!
The photo is wonderful! Perfect capture! Picture like from a fairy tale!

~Cheryl said...

Nice, peaceful group of reindeer! I feel your pain, too. And....I learned the same lesson. :)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I;m so sorry to hear about your computer. We have had similar difficulties here several times. We never seem to learn. We're good backing up at first and just when we forgot, boom, another disaster.

Nice shot with the reindeer.

Rajesh said...

Very lovely snap.
Your computer will be fine soon. As long as no data loss, that is great.

Asta said...

Thank you all for you kind comments.
I know for sure I will remember - at least for the next couple of weeks - to secure my photos-:)