Sights and Seen in Germany

After a long day on the German Autobahn being stucked in a queue for 5 hours, we decided to skip the road and find a hotel. We were hungry and tired and therefore choose the nearest Autohof - Hotel Montana just outside Bremen.

Germans are practical people - and well organized. What can be controlled must be controlled. At this Autohof they'd thought of everything: There was something for men, for women and for children: McDonalds, a nice restaurant, a Harley Davidson shop, a gas station, a hotel with a nice garden and cold drinks in the fridge, a casino and an Erotic Market.

In some parts of the world, women are still considered to be weak and must therefore be protected.

In many parking areas in Germany - in particullar in the Southern parts of Germany, there are restricted areas where only women (the married ones-:) are allowed to park.

Outside this gas station we found this sign:

The translation is: 'Women parking. Please hold 2 spaces free. Only after dark'.

Womens liberation was okay, but courtesy is preferable-:)



Jacob said...

How fascinating is that? Women only parking? The patriarchs are going to ensure that women are taken care of?

I don't get it. Unless it's a really high crime area; but then they should also provide armed bodyguards!

The human mind is sometimes unfathomable!

Nice photos, Asta! Hope you had a great birthday celebration!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Courtesy is wonderful! My husband is like "Prince Charming" in the courtesy department--he opens doors and does anything he can to be sweet and courteous. I'm afraid he's a dying breed in this country (USA). How interesting, about the parking.

Rajesh said...

That is definitely wonderful well thought planning by the Germans. It is nice to know their considerate side.

Asta said...

Germans are fascinating. They're so correct and service oriented. Where I come from noone would ever think of these small things. But Germans think of everything.

I like that-:)