Porta Nigra

Below is a photo of Porta Nigra (the Black Gate) in Trier. It was built between 180 and 200 AD. The building material is sandstone. Porta Nigra was 1 of the 4 city gates around Trier.

The Greek monk Simeon lived as a hermit in the ruins of Porta Nigra from around 1028. At the picture you can see parts of a building at the right side of Porta Nigra. That's a monestry which was built to honour Simeon.

This pitoresque street leads to the backside of the Cathedral of Trier. We didn't go inside the cathedral, because it was a very hot day, and we were tired after a very long walk.



Jacob said...

This place is just packed with history...I read Paul Johnson's "History of Christianity" awhile aback and Trier is mentioned numerous times...

Great shots!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! What a beautiful structure!! Gorgeous!!!! I love it.

Anonymous said...

What a great photo. Just wonderful :)

Asta said...

Thank you-:)

You're right, Jacob. Trier is a tremendous amount of history. This was my 2nd visit but I can't get enough. I just have to get back there again. There is so much to see and learn about.


James said...

I want to go to Trier more than ever now that I see more of your wonderful pictures.
Perhaps at a cooler time of year.

Regarding the window photo that you asked about on my Something Sighted blog.
The old mill has no roof but is slanted where the roof should be. So I took the picture at a slight angle at one end so you can see the other window, the slant and the sky all through the window. The far window is actually about 15 meters away.

I hope that makes sense. :-)

JM said...

The Porta Nigra is absolutely fantastic! Also like the lovely perspective of the 2nd shot.

m_m said...

Beautiful! The first building is wonderful! Thanks for photos and history!:)

Jacob said...

Hi Asta!

Hope you're having a nice evening...

Question - did you mean to say you were giving the award to another of my blogs? Creative Confections?

I wasn't sure.


Mo said...

Wow what an amazing place

Rajesh said...

The architecture of the port is marvelous. The snaps have captured the beauty really well. Finally I am able to showcase the "Best Blog Award" in my blog. Thanks once again.