The landscape of Haelsingland in Sweden is very beautiful with its mountains and rivers.

The Haelsing farms are also worth a visit. Below is a picture from a visit at the Wooden Castle that hosts a beautiful garden with flowers and plants typical for Haelsingland. This old farm is from the early 1700s.



m_m said...

Beautiful scenery and great wooden building!

Mo said...

Looks very inviting

James said...

Very nice, and the house is similar to 18th century houses around here. Only the ones here are made of stone.

Asta I have an award for you at my Newtown blog.

Jacob said...

We are just going to have to visit Sweden! It is, in a sense, our ancestral land and your photos validate what we've always been told -- that it is a gorgeous land of forest and lakes and islands ...

Re: the golf cars...many, if not most, of the 30,000 plus people living in The Villages own a golf car...they have special garages with space for a golf car...many manufacturers are involved but many of the residents "personalize" their golf cars in a variety of ways and some have them made to look like regular cars - Cadillacs, for example. Some cost over $20,000!

We'll be showing more in the future...

They are great fun!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Pretty scenes and interesting buildings--it would be fun to see them.

Asta said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

And thank you James for your gift.
I'm very grateful-:)

Many thanks!


Henrik said...

Nice. I've been there once like 100 years ago.