Difficult Task

Back in Limburg, Germany, having our dinner at a small restaurant, this dog trainer and his pupils appeared.

The owners were asked to leave their dogs, and the trainer kept them still for several minutes. Very impressive.

I didn't want to make too much noise, but managed to take the picture below as well without interrupting the training.



Jacob said...

Now, if he could only train their owners to behave! ;-)

Seriously, our Golden Retriever, who is the greatest dog in the world, is becoming a little spoiled at 10 1/2 years and believes she deserves to be with us 24/7 and eat what we eat, etc.

Maybe I should look this guy up.

Love the photos - the restaurant is very German (strange, huh?) - hope the food was as good as everything looks!

More on Cassadaga coming tomorrow...

Have a great day!

Asta said...

Ha, ha, ha, Like my fathers dogs. They've also taken over the house-:)

We no longer use the dinner table in the kitchen, because the dogs are always there - looking out of the windows. Observing everything.

The restaurant was very nice. Just local people there, so the food was well-prepared and good.


James said...

That is a really charming and beautiful place, even though it has gone to the dogs. :-)

I love the look of that place.

Mo said...

I love the wooden framed houses in the background

Asta said...

The houses in Limburg altstadt are magnificant. Very old, and very well-preserved.


m_m said...

I like this place! So lovely houses with wooden details! I admire such architecture! And great captures of the training of dogs!
Thanks for all your visits in our blog and your comments!

JM said...

Quite a dog collection! :-)
The building in the background is gorgeous!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Interesting abilities with dogs and interesting building int he background.