The Botanical Garden

University of Münster's garden was fabulous. Because of Darwins 250 anniversiry, the whole garden is dedicated Darwin. Here are a couple of shots from the garden:



Jacob said...

Such grandeur. One could easily get lost amidst it all. Kudos to Darwin! We've got lots of wingnuts in this country who think evolution is a hoax! Aaargh!

m_m said...

I like botanical gardens! Great place!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! What a lovely botanical garden! I'd love to see it. Great shots.

JM said...

Beautiful! Love the almost covered with lily leaves pond.

Mo said...

Yep I could relax here

Asta said...

It was a very nice garden. There was actually a small café run by the students. And there was an exhibition in one of the greenhouses showing paintings by not so famous artists.

Very nice. I recommend it-:)