Venus and Mars

Yesterday night I enjoyed myself attempting to teach Miss Mocca to take good pictures with a digital camera. We managed fairly. However, it was the exercise that was interesting. It’s not very easy to keep Miss Moccas attention for anything for more than 15 minutes. But a full hour passed before she had enough. The result of our little game can be seen here and below.

Today's conversation issue has been Miss Wintys recent article in the morningspaper. Headlining 'I am an anorexic' she attacks the glorification of the perfect body which is leading to eating disorders and pathological inferiority complexes among women.

Both Venus and Mars get a well deserved black eye. And Miss Winty asks straight out "- Since when did men get the legal right to judge whether a woman looks good or not, whether she is good enough or if she is just too ugly? - And why are we girls being so stupid that we listen to them? Because honestly Girls, on a scale, how many good looking guys are there in this world? And do we put them on demands? - No, we like them regardless!”

Miss Winty does not intend to see herself as a victim anylonger. Instead, she has decided that she wants to be an independent girl with her own individuality who thrives with herself inside and out. Because there's only one her.

I think Miss Winty possesses a whole lot of guts. Writting about a taboo issue in the newspaper is courageous. But also important. If noone dare to draw the line and speak out when enough is enough, we will forever live in the belief that the ideal image of a woman is the super skinny matches called beauties with dead eyes and unnatural paleness, created from lack of food, lack of sun, lack of fresh air and lack of mental sustenance, visualized on TV and in magazines. And believe that the ultimate happiness is to become them.



Jacob said...

Dear Asta...

It is good that you are helping another person learn how to use a digital camera which is not unlike the old film cameras, but actually can produce equal if not better quality than the old film cameras...

Re: Miss Winty's article: In general, I agree with what she has to say, but a couple of the generalizations are a bit exaggerated.

It isn't, I think, just men who tell woman what they should look like and try to impose artificial, false and even hazardous standards on women...it is the larger society...

Is it not possible that some women at least are driven by what they are taught to believe men want?

I see men every day who are in loving relationships with women who do not fit the stereotype of "beauty."

Secondly, I know from experience, being a small twerp growing up, that many women wanted nothing to do with "unattractive" men such as I was, as they were chasing their particular vision of male "beauty" - tall, dark and handsome. And believe me, if there had been some way at the time for me to become "tall, dark and handsome," I would have sold my soul to achieve it.

Maturity sees beyond the physical...thank goodness. Or many of us would be bereft and alone all of our lives.

Again, in general I agree...our society the world over promotes a particular vision of womanly "beauty" (e.g. Paris Hilton) and it is right and good to protest this.

But, our society also promotes a particular vision of male "beauty," which most men are unable to come close to achieving...cf. Esquire magazine, or GQ...

Whew...didn't mean to write so much.

You have a very wonderful and provocative blog!

And thanks again, for coming by and commenting on Ocala DP!

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Both of your daughters are strong in their own way, Asta. And they both have the courage to say what they think about the world's strange people and their even more strange views. I hope they'll continue like that in the future. I read Miss Wintys piece and it's truly great. Give her a well done from me:-) Saw your photos on Picasa with Miss Mocca. She's not without talent either!

Asta said...

First of all:
Thank you Jacob for your comments. They are highly appreciated.

You are of course right. Wintys aim is to get people - both men and women - to think about their focuses.
Lots of people make choices in their lives from a wrong or perhaps fantasy perspective.
I believe that if you have a good relationship with yourself, then your focuses will be on more important issues than looks really is. Unfortunately many young girls focus on stereotypes like Paris Hilton and think that this is a good role model.

I do belive that the medias are to blame for much of this.

Young girls who cuts in themselves. That's definately a bi-product of focusing on beauty. You don't damage yourself on the outside unless you are very damaged on the inside.

What Winty is trying to do in her own provocative way is to say that looks are not what really matters. What really matters is your integrity.

I do think that you are right when arguing that women are being given a false picture - often by their mothers - about what men really wants. For instans the silly saying that the road to a mans heart goes via his stomach - which is a hint to all women to be good cooks. I myself being a terrible cook - I've heard a million times that I would never be able to find a man if I couldn't cook. Now - after 21 years of marriage, I just think it's sad that women can come up with such ridiculous ideas.

Your own experiences are - I think - the very same experiences that make so many people focusing on their looks, instead of focusing on their real talents. And that's sad.

I meet many people every day who are so gifted, but that's never recognized, because they are not verbally strong, or 'pretty' or 'handsome' in general intepretating terms. And that is a shame.

Chris: Thank you for your remarks as well.
I do think that Miss Mocca are very talented. I find that the best way to work with her is to do let her explore and develope her talents step by step.

The digital camera is fun, and not at all complicated. Not like the system cameras, but that's not Moccas thing. It's Wintys thing.

I tried to show Mocca how she could let the camera speak, focusing on specific things. It kept her engaged and she enjoyed the exercise.

Jacob said...

Dear Asta...

You are a very smart person. Obviously. I agree with everything you said. ;-)

Have a great weekend!

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